I have been studying the arts since I was in my teens and wanted to draw portraits of people, but found that was not right for me. Since I enjoyed drawing, my father once asked me to fill in some missing parts on an old photo reproduction he was working on for a client. That experience was one of the things that lead me to photography and a career that lasted over 40 years.

Today, I still enjoy the challenges that photo restoration work brings and the stories my clients tell me about their images. After working on thousands of photo copy and restoration projects over the years, I have developed many techniques that aid me in my digital restoration work today.

Now after 40 years in business, I am transitioning from a full-time professional portrait photographer to a part-time photographer concentrating on photo restorations, model portfolios, commercial small product and fine art photography.

The need to be creative will always be a part of my life. In 1997 I began a new way to express myself using wood as a medium, creating elegant wooden boxes. A few years later I began turning wood on a lathe making decorative turned art. I am always learning new techniques and I am still turning wood plus embellishing them with carved features and adding color to the work pieces.

As an artist, the past 40 years of being a photographer has trained my eyes to see composition, shapes and forms that guide my hands in my new passion of creative woodturning. One of the rewards of experience is sharing it with others. If you are interested in learning about photography or woodturning, I offer personalized classes to teach the techniques I have learned over the years.